MVH CREATIVEWORKS is a Los Angeles-based creative agency and production company that develops striking, innovative content for both traditional and new media platforms. Our collective of creative professionals has a combined experience that encompasses virtually all branches of the media and entertainment industry. Our resourceful outside-the-box strategies combined with our team of experts and innovators allow us to deliver cutting edge content to our clients around the world.

What We Do

Your brand is your identity. It is the foundation upon which all else is built.

At MVH CREATIVEWORKS we understand the importance of a strong sense of identity. That is why we strive to create original and memorable campaigns for our clients.

For each one of the brands we represent, we help foster an identity that isn’t just unique, but also distinct. In today’s marketplace, a brand can’t just stand out in a crowd.  It has to draw one.

Nothing in the world is more powerful than an idea. It can change minds and transform lives.

We believe that creativity is the key to a successful campaign.  No matter how complex a campaign may be, at its heart is the simple, shining kernel of an idea.

We believe in ideas. We believe that a truly great idea is worth a fortune unto itself, because a single idea can impact generations to come.

Development is a voyage, and we are explorers.

As content developers we shepherd a project from conception to completion, from a single sentence on a piece of paper to an awe-inspiring story on the screen.

Simply put, we love to bring ideas to life.  At times, when we begin a journey, the destination is unknown, but how else are great discoveries made?

Every great idea deserves to see the light of day.

Our passion and creativity would be meaningless without the tools to make our ideas a reality. Production is the birth of a new campaign.  We paint with light on a digital canvas, we transform fleeting words into images that will live forever.

We make magic, and with our production and marketing capabilities we are able to share that magic with millions around the world.